"Aneurysm treatment is too important to simply trust any local doctor. If you have a choice as a patient to travel, it is imperative that you seek the best. In my opinion, the best ever at coiling aneurysms is Christopher Putman, and patients with the means should travel from all over the world for him to treat them!"

Over the last 15 years, there has been a dramatic shift in how aneurysms of the brain are treated. The majority once required open surgery (craniotomy) with a clip placement. Today, most aneurysms are best treated by endovascular methods (inside the artery with coils). However, the outcomes depend greatly on the skill of the person who is coiling the aneurysm. Cerebrum MD works with excellent endovascular physicians, the best of whom is mentioned above, Dr. Putman. Dr. Watson is available to assist in any emergency, or if the aneurysm is not safe to coil.

Dr. Watson began his training before coiling became a common technique. Therefore, he is one of the few doctors in active practice with experience in surgical clipping. This is crucial when the need for surgical clipping does arise. Furthermore, he has been trained in brain bypass techniques (not unlike what is done in the heart) and ran a cerebrovascular research unit while at the NIH.


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