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The Most Common Type of Brain Tumor

No one wants to hear the words “brain tumor.” However, they’re incredibly rare, often benign, and may not even require surgery. Here’s what you need to know about the most common brain tumors.

Nov 13th, 2020
Recovering From Pituitary Surgery

Facing brain surgery can be scary, but advanced surgical techniques can make your recovery a little easier. If you need pituitary surgery, here’s what you can expect.

Oct 25th, 2020
Trigeminal Neuralgia: More Than Jaw Pain

Do you have jabbing or shooting pain in your mouth, jaw, or face? It could be trigeminal neuralgia, a form of neuropathic pain. Whether your attacks are mild or severe, you don’t have to live with facial pain. Keep reading to learn more.

Sep 17th, 2020
Are Bad Headaches a Sign of Aneurysm?

A severe headache can knock you off your feet, especially if it causes intense pain and nausea. But when is it something serious? Here are a few things that set an aneurysm headache apart from a regular headache.

Aug 12th, 2020
How to Prepare for Brain Surgery

The thought of going through brain surgery may seem daunting, but taking the right steps in advance can help make this stressful time a little easier. Keep reading to see what you can expect and how you can get ready for your procedure.

Jul 30th, 2020
How Serious Are Pituitary Tumors?

Learning you have a tumor can be frightening, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer, especially when it involves your pituitary gland. Keep reading to learn more about these abnormal growths and when they’re a cause for concern.

Jun 17th, 2020
What Are the Symptoms of a Brain Tumor?

There are several kinds of brain tumors, and not all of them are serious. But, whether cancerous or not, they can all trigger a variety of symptoms. Keep reading to recognize the early warning signs.

May 21st, 2020
Is Spinal Stenosis Causing Your Chronic Back Pain?

Do you experience chronic back pain that comes and goes for no apparent reason? If so, there’s a chance you may have spinal stenosis. Read on to learn about spinal stenosis and what you can do about it.

Apr 21st, 2020